New innovation in storm shelters Introducing Safe Porch

Safe Porch Example

Do you live in a mobile home or lack space for an indoor safe room?

How about turning your porch into an underground storm shelter? No more running desperately across a yard in pounding hail during the dead of night!

Simply step outside your front door and enter your SafePorch sanctuary.

The design and construction of the SafePorch ensures great strength and durability. Made of 4 1/2 ” thick walls, floor and roof using high compression concrete poured over steel mesh screens and rebar, the SafePorch is like a bank vault in strength. The SafePorch has ease of entrance and exit through a watertight door. Two ingeniously designed windows allow air circulation while preventing the entrance of water or wind-driven debris.

Additional storm resistance is provided by the fact that approximately one half or more of the depth of the SafePorch is buried in the ground. A wide lip all the way around acts as an anchor adding increased resistance to any movement or shifting. The amount of the SafePorch below grade depends on the height above ground of the door and floor line. Since the SafePorch is not actually attached to the house, only set adjacent to it, destruction to the house does not affect the SafePorch.

Since the SafePorch can withstand winds of at least 250 mph, the extreme level of an F5 Tornado on the original Fujita Scale, and possibly higher winds depending on ground contour and wind direction, it is truly a safe haven for up to 4 adults, plus children and pets. The SafePorch also provides excellent protection for valuables, important papers, money, jewelry, etc.


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As important as protection against storm damage is, it is useless unless the protection is near at hand and easy to enter and leave. As the SafePorch is placed immediately at the door of the house, it is truly just a step away.

Quick Specs:

  • 3 ft 4 in W x 6 ft 4 in L x 4 ft 7 in H
  • Serves as both a porch and shelter
  • Designed for mobile homes
  • Perfect for a family of 4 and pets

SafePorch provides an attractive addition to a home and is usually not recognizable to the average observer as a storm shelter. This is a substantial concrete porch with concrete steps and optional steel railings In appearance the SafePorch is much the same as porches provided with the most expensive homes. Furthermore, the SafePorch adds to the home’s value as well as enhancing its appearance.

Eureka Storm Shelters is the authorized Midwest regional reseller & installer for SafePorches and serves Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Kansas.

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